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We believe that the southern Colorado and the Northern New Mexico region is a hidden gem. We want to make it the vacation destination of the west by highlighting the unique art, culture, and history of the area.

Quarterly Printed Magazine

If you’ve been in the area recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen our publication. Every quarter we print 50,000 magazines that reach 200,000 readers throughout the region. Our target area of distribution spans from Colorado Springs to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our focus is to capture the millions of tourists coming through the I-25 corridor.

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Website Visitors Per Month
Digital presence

We know that it’s important now more than ever to have a strong web presence. Our website has a large audience, and is highly visible to our core customer demographic. We’re continuing to invest more resources to make our social media and website presence just as prominent as our magazine.

For more info Contact Debbie Espie • 

The Key Takeaway

When it comes to getting your name out there, we don't mess around. With our combination of website traffic and printed magazines, we ensure your brand will be seen by everyone in the region.

Pricing Plans

Digital & Print combined

Our plans are designed to give you both a physical and digital presence through our magazine, website, and social media. This ensure we give our advertising partners the best visibility possible.

Pricing Plans


The Adventurer

You can still be a part of the New Legends community at an affordable rate. With our Adventurer plan, we’ll give you a dedicated page on our website and make sure your business listing is highlighted within the magazine.

Investment: $150 Per Quarter
Includes 3 months in Print + Website + NLM Social Media


The Explorer

Get a good amount of exposure in both the website and the magazine. With our Explorer plan, you’ll receive a quarter ad space along with a dedicated page on our website.

Includes 3 months in Print + Website + NLM Social Media


The Trail Blazer

You’re looking to leave your mark in the community. With our trail blazer plan, you receive a half page ad in our quarterly magazine, and a substantial online presence on our website. 

Includes 3 months in Print + Website + NLM Social Media


The Frontiersman

You’re a major contributor to the community and command a large audience. With our frontiersman plan, you’ll receive a full page ad space in our magazine and get a substantial online presence.

Includes 3 months in Print + Website + NLM Social Media


The Legend

You’re the talk of the town and you want everyone to know it.
With our Legendary package, you’ll get the best premium spots in the magazine ( Click “What’s included” for more info on premium Ad spots) and you’ll also be featured heavily throughout the website.

Includes 3 months in Print + Website + NLM Social Media
(Price may vary depending on A\ad magazine placement)

For questions on our ad sizing or if you want to learn more, download our full media kit.

Publication Dates & Deadlines:

Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar)
Deadline: Dec 10

Spring (Apr-May-Jun)
Deadline: Mar 10

Summer (Jul-Aug-Sep)
Deadline: Jun 10

Fall (Oct-Nov-Dec)
Deadline: Sep 10