“Aladdin” Now Playing at Peak Cinemas

by Jonathan Smith

When street rat Aladdin unleashes an omnipotent genie from a lamp, he finds his wishes coming true. However, he soon finds that evil has other plans for the lamp, and for the Sultan’s daughter Princess Jasmine. Can Aladdin save Princess Jasmine and his love for her  after learning that he isn’t what he appears to be?

Aladdin is a remake in the most literal sense, and we all love the story. Much of the film’s first act mirrors the 1992 animated feature, and in shot-for-shot fashion:  Street Rat Aladdin meets, rescues (unnecessarily), and charms the Sultan’s daughter of his home Agrabah, Princess Jasmine, and crosses the path of the scheming grand vizier Jafar, before obtaining a fabled lamp containing a genie (the ultimate power of the universe) who then uses his great power to transform the young thief into a prince worthy of Jasmine’s nobility.

This film really bursts to life during its musical numbers with such surreal choreography I found myself reminiscing of the iconic cartoon. I also need to mention the vibrant colors: Where are my girls at? I absolutely love all the pink in this film! Some may argue Will Smith (our Genie), is unable to match the intensity of Robin Williams’s performance in the original film, but the Fresh Prince we love was reflected in his emphatic portrayal of the vaporous demigod. Smith’s signature drawling sarcasm brought the Hollywood legacy’s spin on the character into a new life.

NLM – Jr. Correspondent Cloud Smith


New Legends Jr. Correspondent – Cloud Smith offered his esteemed opinion: “The best part was when Aladdin’s monkey (Abu) was changed into a bunch of silly animals before becoming the gigantic elephant.”

Classic songs we remember from 1992 have added robustness and light lyrical changes in this latest Aladdin adaptation. Fan favorite “Friend Like Me” is one of the biggest songs in the movie; Smith occasionally raps, sings and deploys foreign accents nodding respectfully to the original portrayal of the iconic blue character. The musical number that generated the most buzz ahead of the film was the new composition “Speechless,” an empowering ballad the princess sings to announce her intent to forge her own destiny.
Finally our beloved princess Jasmine gets the big solo moment she deserves and nails it!

Aladdin is a captivating, immersive film which adds new excitement to a classic tale of magic, love, and authenticity. The entire family will find something to enjoy in this enchanting new version.

See Aladdin and all of the latest film releases at Peak Cinemas, under new ownership, on Main Street in Trinidad. Showtimes available at peakcinemas.com and in the New Legends Weekend Express.

Peak Cinemas
3600 E Main St
Trinidad, CO 81082

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