Book signing with Melva Nolan – Author of Pieces from the Past

Please come in to the library’s main room on Friday afternoon, November 19th, from 4 to 6, to meet local author and blogger Melva Nolan. Melva has just published a book titled, Pieces from the Past: Letters from Camp Trinidad Prisoners of War. Her fascinating book touches on quilting, cooking and prisoners of war. German POWs from Camp Trinidad were eventually allowed to work on various projects outside the camp. Their favorite was the Schleich family sugar beet farm near Model, where they were well fed by Melva’s grandmother, Katherine Schleich, and, in return, worked hard for Katherine’s husband, Phillip. When they were repatriated to war-devastated Germany, they wrote letters of thanks and reminiscence to the Schleich’s. 

Melva inherited a collection of quilt patterns from Grandma Schleich, and on her blog, MelvaLovesScraps, began a series of posts matching quilt patterns with these poignant letters. Over 6000 people viewed those posts, received quilt patterns, and read Melva’s fascinating Schleich family lore. It was so popular, Melva decided to write the book. After a formal announcement and presentation to the Trinidad Historical Society last week, she will now be at the Trinidad Carnegie Public Library at 202 N Animas to sell and sign books, and answer questions. We invite you to come to the library to meet Melva and see her new book!
I’ve attached a pdf flyer which you are free to print and show your friends and family. I hope to see you there!

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