Culebra Range Scholarships Available

The Culebra Range Community Coalition is announcing that for the 8th consecutive year we are offering four year, $4,000 scholarships to local students going on to college to study in any field that can benefit the natural environment.  We have changed the name of our program from “Environmental Scholarships” to Culebra Range Scholarships as many felt that because of the name “Environmental Scholarship” students would be limited to having to major in one of the environmental sciences to qualify.  In fact, we open our scholarships to any student who is going on to college to major in any field that can benefit the natural environment.  We have awarded many Culebra Range scholarships to students majoring in diverse, non-traditional “environmental majors” such as farming, ranching, environmental law, wildlife biology, mining engineering, environmental architecture, and political science/environmental policy, so we want to encourage more students to apply for this scholarship opportunity as their major may qualify for an award if it can benefit the natural environment—–and almost everything does.

This PDF link “CLICK HERE” contains a list of some areas of study that may qualify for a scholarship.  We encourage students to apply for this four year scholarship opportunity.

For more detailed information please email Tom Perry at:

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