COLEXICO EXPERIENCE Spaghetti & Westerns Festival


From the creators of The Chief Bicycle & Comedy Festival comes a new one-of-a-kind festival experience. We’re bringing New Mexico and Colorado together by train and teleporting some lucky festival goers back to the Old West for a weekend of dusty roads, shoot-outs and pasta dinners. Prepare yourself for THE COLEXICO EXPERIENCE: Spaghetti & Westerns Festival, the Southwest’s newest film and culinary event. This two day, two state western movie and pasta extravaganza will take place in Trinidad, CO, Raton, NM and the passenger train that ties these two communities together Friday October 15th and Saturday October 16th 2021.

You are invited to participate in one of three experiences; The Trinidad Experience, The Raton Experience or The Colexico Experience, in which festival goers will utilize Amtrak’s Southwest Chief Train to spend their nights in Trinidad and days in Raton, experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes found on both side of the border.

Friday October 15, 2021

The event kicks off with pasta parties in Trinidad and Raton on Friday October 15th where guests will be met with a mountain of spaghetti and pots of sauce provided by local eateries who will go head-to-head to see who can dish the best sauce in the Raton Basin Region. Patrons will be serenaded by local western musicians while they slurp noodles and drink refreshing libations, gander at tantalizing art and enjoy good company.

Dinner will be followed by the Enigmatic Western Grindhouse, a film and comedy event where some of the nations top comedians will join our audience for the screening of a really bad spaghetti western film and be asked to tear that film apart for the comic enjoyment of our festival goers.

Later that night we’ll be Honking and Tonking the night away with live country/western music and dancing at the best music venues in Trinidad and Raton.

Saturday October 16th, 2021

Those “on board” for The Colexico Experience, will meet at the Trinidad Train Platform Saturday morning to depart Colorado for the Land of Enchantment. This roughly one hour-long train ride will offer scenic views, food options, and a wonderful chance to meet and mingle with other weekend Colexicans.

Once the train arrives in Raton, the projectors will fire up on both sides of the border, where festival goers will be offered the options of watching a back-to-back line-up of classic cinema westerns from the 1960’s or two more contemporary Westerns filmed in New Mexico or Colorado more recently. These double features will be broken up with an hour long lunch break, and opportunity to explore whichever town their experience has placed them. After both movies have shown, Colexicans will be asked to meet at the Raton Train Platform to return to Trinidad for another evening in Trinidad.

On Saturday night, festival goers are encouraged to go eat at local restaurants and eateries, perhaps further exploring the menu of the restaurant who concocted their favorite spaghetti sauce from the night before.

Dinner will be followed by another Enigmatic Western Grindhouse, with a whole new lineup of hilarious comedians, and another night of Honking and Tonking to country/western music and dancing at the best music venues in Trinidad and Raton. Who knows we might have a midnight showing of Blazing Saddles. Tickets and more info coming soon to


Oct 15 - 17 2021


6:00 pm - 12:00 pm
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