Health and Holistic Healing

by Ivory Raye, ND
A Board Certified and Registered Naturopathic Doctor

As I reflect on the totality of holistic health, I decided to review some of the definitions of health.  The World Health Organization defined health “as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being“.  By those standards, we see that many people are not experiencing health to its fullest extent.  I also read health being described as “the state of being free from illness or injury”, and it immediately made me think of “freedom to be….a person’s most vibrant, authentic, and energetic self”.  With that being said, I believe that throughout our lives, we have opportunities to work on finding balance and regaining or returning to optimal health.  Sometimes we are free and fully expressed, feeling physically, mentally and socially well.  Other times, our vital force or health state becomes out of balance, and there is room for improvement.

So how do we regain optimal health, and how does the holistic health care model play a role?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I was trained to always look for “the root cause of illness or imbalance”.  What does that really mean?  It means that each person is an individual with a story and a journey that lead him or her to their current state of health.  Understanding that person, their journey, and patterns of dis-ease helps to identify how to remove those obstacles to feeling great and restore the vital force or vitality that allows each of us enjoy this life.  The definition of health stated that not only does one feel “well” physically, but also mentally and socially.  Thus, healing can and should occur on all levels.  Find the root cause of illness, whether it be from a physical ailment such as chronic infection, inflammation, stress, or nutrient deficiency; a mental ailment from abuse or neglect, or trans-generational ailments that arise from generational healing that needs to occur.  Find those imbalances and then support the person in restoring health and happiness.   How do we do that?  It depends.  There are many avenues to healing.  When I work with a patient, I complete a full assessment and in a sense become a medical detective using labs and pattern recognition.  I also find that being present, compassionate and educating the patient to become empowered in their healing process is invaluable.  When we understand what’s happening, why, and what we can do about it, we become more enrolled in bringing in practices that aid in restoring our health.  As health practitioners and healers, it is important to give our patients and clients the tools they need to succeed in regaining optimal health.  Sometimes this is a physical assessment where we help the patient identify infection and how to remove it.  Sometimes it’s hearing a person’s story and letting them know they are not alone.  Other times, it’s educating the patient about their choices and supporting them as they make informed decisions based on their goals and beliefs.  And often it’s a co-creation of health that occurs when the practitioner and the patient become partners in the patient’s journey to health, happiness, and balance.

We are blessed with many wonderful holistic providers, here in Southern Colorado. To make appointments with Jenny for Acutonics, Acutonics/Reiki combination, Shamanic Reiki, or Massage Call Ritual Room Yoga & Holistics at 719-859-2403. We are located at 114 N Commercial St. in Trinidad. If you wish to make an appointment with Dr. Ivory Raye, please call her at 719-201-5589. Located at 165 E First St. in Trinidad. For Kundalini Yoga, please visit their website at To learn more about Ayurvedic workshops with Jennifer Allen call 928-607-5647. If you need references for other healing modalities please call Ritual Room.

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