The World According to Lil’ Smokey

as recorded by Sandy Dolak

I take very seriously my role of being “PIG ABOUT TOWN”, I find people rely on my esteemed position to increase their human awareness about all sorts of things.  I have several philanthropic Interests that are near and dear to my heart.  When I hold court and invite my adoring public, I usually have a not-so-hidden agenda of collecting for one of my special causes.  I especially love collecting things for One Nation Walking Together, a non-profit organization out of Colorado Springs. If you want to be impressed of what really good and dedicated people can do on a “shoestring” to bring necessary goods to some of the most deserving Americans check out their website ( One Nation Walking Together is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Native Americans.  My mom collects non-perishable foods and household goods to contribute to their cause all year long, but I try extra hard to get donations when I am at the store.  Last year at my birthday celebration we collected over 6-bushel baskets of food to go to Standing Rock.  I always collect Christmas gifts for children selected from tags on a giving tree.  I feel good whenever I can share my good fortune.  That gives meaning to life.

This year I started a new venture and collected non-perishable pet foods to go on the trucks that go to different reservations.  If you are reading this, I bet it is because you love animals.  And animals need to eat too!  Keeping that in mind, another great organization in our area is Mission: Wolf (  They are home to more than 28 wolves or wolf hybrids that have become out of place in urban settings yet cannot return to the wild.  The great Mission: Wolf people came to La Veta to present a program about their work.  I had put up posters (with some help, of course) requesting that people who care bring any uncooked frozen meats that they may have that could feed the wolves.  The “wolf folk” said any frozen meat, even outdated or with freezer burn would be OK; the wolves would not be picky.  EXCEPT: NO PORK…. not good for them!  That got me to thinking about a story my ol’ grandpiggy told me long ago:


Once upon a time there was a Momma wolf, who loved her babies so much that she wanted them to go out into the world and learn how to survive.  Survival is not easy for any animal in the wild, but Momma wolf was confident that she had done a good job and her three little ones were equipped to deal with the world.  Her last word of warning as they left the comforts of their home den, “Be aware of the big, bad pig.  He brags about those he terrorizes”.

Now wolves are very smart.  Even baby wolves know they are predators and close to the top of the food chain.  Even considering momma’s advice, they simply did not believe that pig creatures, that are usually prey, could possibly be that dangerous.

As they set out into the forest, they sang their happy song.

“We are the wolves, proud and strong, cunning, sleek and hungry, you won’t last long”

It wasn’t as easy in the forest as they had thought it would be.  Without Momma wolf, the forest did not seem nearly as friendly.  It was colder than they remembered; darker than they remembered; and without momma around, a whole lot scarier than they remembered.  And now they were hungry.

As they were lamenting their fate, they saw another animal lumbering a long…sorta’ looked like a bear without a fur coat.  Not a pretty creature in their eyes at all.  And this creature also was singing what might have been his terrorizing song.

“I am the big, bad pig, smart and stout, truffles fear me, acorns can’t escape me, and mushrooms just better watch out.”

Oh, so this was the big bad pig, momma had warned them of.  Certainly, this lumbering creature didn’t look any match for three smart baby wolves; but it did look tasty. But what in the world was he talking about?  And their tummies were rumbling with hunger.

Now the lumbering creature, a very smart pig, knew he must use all his clever skills to save his proverbial bacon.  Thinking quickly, he said, “Oh three little wolves, let me help you find the best dinner. You are in for such a treat”!

The three little wolves looked at each other, trying to decide whether this strange animal that their momma had warned them about could possibly really care about them having dinner, or was he just a trickster?  But, oh they were just getting hungrier and hungrier.

The pig was becoming not only impatient, but irritated that these three little predators were not very accepting of his gracious offer and turned to lumber off, when the boldest of the three little ones called out asking the pig to help them find dinner.

“OK, I am going to teach you about the tastiest treat in the forest, truffles.  Now you must work to find truffles. They are hidden under layers of damp leaves in the moist mud.  You have to get your noses down close to the earth and you can smell their rich delicious smell.”  With that, he went snuffling about and came up with his prize.  The wolf pups thought that looked easy enough, but before long they were completely frustrated.  Not only did they not find any tasty morsels to eat, their faces were dirty, dirty, dirty and their sensitive noses caked with mud.

Mr. Pig (as he preferred to be addressed) said, “Oh well, so much for the truffles.  While you were rooting around, I got enough for all of us.  We will just have to try something else.  Acorns.  Delicious, delicious acorns.  I will get the ones on the ground, but you will get the tastier ones that are still attached to the tree.  You will have to jump.”  Jump, jump as they may, not a single acorn was brought down by the frustrated little wolves.

“Hmmm”, observed Mr. Pig, “Even very smart little wolves aren’t very good at acorn gathering, either are you? I gathered enough acorns for us all, but we need another thing to make a good stew, but we need one more ingredient…mushrooms.  Even not very smart animals can find mushrooms all over the forest floor; and picked one up to demonstrate”.

Next thing the little wolves knew, Mr. Pig was making a terrible ruckus and yelling “Drop that, drop that! It is poisonous”.  The startled little wolves were frightened and dropped the beautiful mushroom with red polka dots that they were about to devour.  “That’s it”, Mr. Pig exclaimed, “You are no help at all’!” Mr. Pig looked at the poor, muddy, tired and confused little wolves and they tugged at his heart strings.  “But I have gathered enough to make us a fine stew for dinner.  Come while I cook”

The three little wolves and the big, not so bad pig had a fine dinner….

And wolves learned about eating vegetables….and to this day avoid pork!!!!

Remember….eat, sleep and belly rubs! Sincerely,

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