A Century of History to be Displayed in Raton’s Di Lisio Building

“Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?”
“A Clothes Line Tribute to Raton’s Business Leaders”

   The “old shoe store” at The Di Lisio Building offers a ready avenue to view poster presentations, newspaper articles and advertisements from 1918 continuing through 2018. The 4-week exhibit honors the founders and employees of International State Bank and Di Lisio’s Department Store from 1918 to 1978.  And continues through 2018, with Ron Schmeits’ 35 year leadership of International Bank. Exhibit hours are Monday through Friday, March 18 through April 12 from 10 am to 2 pm. Entrance at 144 South Second.

         Joe Di Lisio, Sr. and family: Charles and Harriet, Joe Jr. and Ruth, Alfred and Leonard & Jeanne, Lena Marshall, Christine and Eleanor Di Lisio and Jerry and Elizabeth Boyle were part of an 80 year business legacy. Business leaders represented include Joe Kastler, John Southwell, Ron Schmeits, Jerry Boyle and Joe Falletti.

          The Di Lisio Building sponsors express gratitude to Frances Cardenas, Pat Veltri, Tom Di Lisio and Jean Wharton, Mark and Chris Morris, Lina Cash, Paula Grantham, and Viola and Ralph Leal for assisting in the research and development of this exhibit.

Attendees are welcome to write and describe your memories!

 Historic clothing store displays and various other items can be viewed for future purchase at a pre-announced Public Auction.

Contact Jean Di Lisio at (209) 550-1985 or email: jeandilisio@newlegendsmag.com.

View the Opening Day on our Events Calendar
“A Clothes Line Tribute to Raton’s Business Leaders”
March 18, 2019 through April 12, 2019
Monday – Friday 10 am to 2 pm
144 South Second Street Raton, New Mexico

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