New Legends Events Are Google Verified

NLP Press Release:
Desk of: Jonathan Smith

Growing, Growing, Grown.

New Legends Productions has been working since November of 2017 to bring our community the most complete events calendar in the region. The 2018 Calendar of Events featured over 2200 local events in the Sangre de Cristo region with 70,811 visitors.

This year our calendar is endlessly growing with over 800 events for the early year, new event additions daily, and 21,400 visitors as of April 2019. has become the hub for a vast local community.

Our community events calendar is now Google verified.

Thanks to the high traffic volumes from residents & travelers within our region and the large number of unique events we host, Google has integrated our calendar into the official Google Events Feed. Now anyone in the world can search for “events in Trinidad, CO” (or other locations in our region) and see hundreds of things to do from the feed. Thanks to location tracking, if you’re anywhere in our regional coverage area simply Google search “events near me”.

Events are posted on New Legends Calendars at no cost.
Email events to:

New Legends Events – Google Verified

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