Sister Blandina’s Wellness Garden Dedication

Quotations from the day

Mayor Phil and Bea Rico
blessed for 50th Anniversary

Mayor Rico: “Bien Vienidos and Buon Venuti”   “Welcome to SBWG, a place of hope, opportunity, serenity, and meditation – A place to find ourselves.” “Today, we celebrate Sister Blandina Segele whose self-sacrifice and service to many communities brought healing, hope and conversion!”
Surrounded by prestigious clergy, Father Timothy Okeahialam of   Holy Trinity Parish, welcomed   The Most Reverend Bishop Stephen J. Berg and Deacon Dan Leetch from The Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, Bishop Emeritus Michael J. Sheridan and The Most Reverend Bishop James R. Golka from The Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, Father Steve Murray, St. Francis de Sales – Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lamar, Father Michael Chrisman, Shrine of St. Therese of Pueblo concelebrated Sunday Mass at the carefully designed Sister Balandina Wellness Garden
on Commercial Street.

 Gracious musicians 
Lois Cirone (Keyboard), Natalie Galasso (Vocals) and Sister Alice Ann O’Neil (Cellist)

Governor Polis: “Let’s keep Sister Blandina’s memory alive! 
“Press pause and take a moment to breath in the fresh air of COLORADO!”
Peso Chavez – Investigator
Michael Fitzgerald – Director of “Fiction to Reality”
Dr. Ronda Epper – TSC President
Mark Sexton, CEO –Evergreen
Board Members of Mt Carmel Health
and Wellness
Randy Gradishar –Denver Bronco
Phil Long Ambassador
Sister Judith Metz, Sister of Charity
Sr. Blandina – It’s been nearly 150 years since Sister Blandina’s 20-year sojourn to Colorado and New Mexico, yet “her spirit of courage and dedication still inspires many today . . . !”  
Quotes from Sr. Blandina
by Metz

“My policy of action has always been to do what you can for others and leave the rest to God.”
“If I succeed I bless God!
If I don’t succeed, I bless God!”
“May angels guard your every step.”
“Neither praise or criticism affects me!”
“Have the urge to love as God urges us to love!”

She was a “Woman of action, courage
and quick wittedness”

Felix Lopez, Las Animas Commissioner D 1 and Emcee
As he introduces Jay Cimino:  “ I met Jay Cimino when I was President at TSJC. When he came in for a meeting: I asked, “Is that a question or a Proposal?” 
Jay remarked, “Both! He also mentioned:  “Never forget where you came from and when you go back, give back!”
Jay Cimino
“It is God’s will that I have followed” 
“If you could have seen this garden just 24 hours ago, you would really want to join me in giving every thanks  especially to the Construction Crew led by Carl Gabrielson!”
Trinidad is “The City of Champions!”  Champion means – one that gives a hand out!
(It also means a person who fights or argues for a cause on behalf of someone else. i.e. historical- a knight who fought in single combat on behalf of the monarch. i.e. nuns or priests who championed human rights.”)
“Since the early 1800s Trinidad has been influenced by over 100 Jesuit priest and 400 Sisters of Charity, influenced
many of our generations!”
“The soul of Trinidad is encircled
with every denomination.” 
“May the grace of God unite us with the Holy Trinity and bring hope!”
“It’s been a humbling experience – what the town gave me and now I give it back!”
Blandina has many meanings:
amiable, pleasant, agreeable, enticing, alluring, persuasive, inviting, attractive, sweet, gentle, smooth and suave.”
Saint Blandina (177 AD) was a Christian martyr during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. 
Marie Rose Segale (1850), from Cicagna, Italy, took the name  “Blandina” when she joined the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati in 1866. Arriving in Trinidad in 1873 at the young age of 23, she went on to talk Billy the Kid out of killing the town doctor, brought an end to lynch mobs in Trinidad, and helped found one of Southern Colorado’s early schools – Trinidad School District Number One. 
S. Blandina’s letters to her sister, also a nun, were later published as “At the End of the Santa Fe Trail” commemorating an important chapter in Colorado history.  A 1966 CBS series Death Valley Days episode “The Fastest Nun in the West” tells how she faced a lynch mob to save a man by facilitating reconciliation between him and the man he shot before he died.
The Roman Catholic Church is currently considering her for beatification and canonization. 

Colorado Spring Conservatory of Performing Arts: Linda Weise
Guest Artists: Elena Soto, Baylee Bollinger and Emma Lee
Afternoon Performances
Trinidad’s new wellness garden offers a source of spiritual, mental, and physical health for Las Animas County and southern Colorado with wellness walks, pain management classes, fall prevention for seniors, exercise, musical events and more. 
Mt Carmel Youth Orchestra
Directed by Jacob Sekatz
Tom Lang, Chjris Smith and Randy Welch
Storytelling by Michael Fitzgeraldd, Film Producer, Screenwriter Brendan Fitzgerald and
Allen Sanchez, Petitioner for the Cause for Canonization of Sister Blandina
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