Spiderman: Far From Home at Peak Cinemas

by Jessica Smith

Who’s good? Who’s bad? Who can tell? Prepare to laugh, gasp, and question everything in the latest installment from Marvel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Humorous and heartfelt, energetic and angsty, the sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming begins after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) has a new found independence while maintaining his light-hearted awkwardness. The Spidey character’s classic conflict between righteous responsibility and personal motivations are portrayed well in the film. Parker, who sees himself as the neighborhood hero attempts to take a normal vacation. Amongst awkwardness, personal failures, elemental titans & Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), the web-head faces the responsibility of his powers in a world in need of heroes.

Cloud Smith, NLM Junior Correspondent


“Spiderman was really cool & the Fire Elemental was the only scary monster, he had lava.” – Cloud Smith, NLM Junior Correspondent

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers an impressive performance as the manipulative villain, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, who uses a complex system of drones and holograms to produce some enthralling action sequences in a series of exotic European locations throughout the film. The wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing angle provides a wonderful opportunity for Gyllenhaal to highlight his range. The supporting cast, featuring Jon Favreau in his recurring role of Tony Stark’s former driver and bodyguard Harold “Happy” Hogan, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Peter’s best friend, and Martin Starr as Peter’s class chaperone provide comic relief and a number of obstacles for Peter as he reluctantly saves the world. Peter’s attempts to impress his love interest, MJ (Zendaya), often take precedence for the teen hero. The actors provide an awkward, moody romance, a vivid reflection of today’s teens. A fun film for the family if you can laugh at the Peter Tingle.

See Spiderman: Far From Home and all of the latest film releases at Peak Cinemas on Main Street in Trinidad. Showtimes available at peakcinemas.com and in the New Legends Weekend Express.

Peak Cinemas
3600 E Main St
Trinidad, CO 81082

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