Spotlight on Ike’s Music – Let the Good Times Roll

by: Eulalia Cecava

“How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?” Those are heavy words emanating from the iconic Bob Dylan. I noticed the Dylan poster on Dwight’s (Ike’s) guitar ridden walls at his shop. Ike’s Music has a brand new location at 103 W. Main St. Suite 24.

This gorgeous historical building is complete with cherubs looking down upon you from high ceilings. An interesting photo on the wall grabs my attention, Ike with his arm around Bonnie Raitt. That made me raise an eyebrow or two. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and let’s get to know Ike.

He majored in Radio and Television with an emphasis in Audio Engineering out of San Francisco State in 2010. Two very exciting and fast paced internships soon followed. Alice 97.3 FM was the first, a popular station owned by CBS. His extensive work there involved the production side as well as promotions. Michael Franti and Sammy Hagar were just a few big names to grace the studio.

The second internship was with Studio D Recording out of Sausalito, CA. This ends up becoming an exciting five-year commitment with the studio. From it, Ike lands an exciting gig as Bonnie Raitt’s very own rehearsal technician before a big tour. My mouth hit the floor as he described how cool it was to get to know her.

All the hustle and bustle came about later on in Ike’s life, but his musical career began much earlier than this. He grew up in a musical home environment and began to play the piano as a young boy in church. This felt forced in the beginning as he did not want this initially, but he ended up appreciating this inevitable push into music. Hailing from an entire family of musicians this flow just happened naturally.

I asked Ike about his musical influences and there is one artist who really takes the cake. “Bob Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters out there in my opinion and has always had an incredible command of the English language.”

Guitar was next on the list after piano proficiency. He began to play the six-stringed instrument of the gods at the ripe age of twenty-five. This surprised me actually. One would suspect he began learning chords while still in the womb. Ike shows incredible technical skill and I’d bet money he can play behind his back with eyes closed.

I asked Ike about his vision for Trinidad, Colorado. “My goal in moving here and opening up the store is to help and progress the music scene here in Trinidad in anyway, shape, or form.” He’s an active member on the Chamber of Commerce and the Historical Mainstreet Board. He’s promoting shows, venues, and encouraging artist development. Worth noting, he produced Christmas themed music by Father Raleigh of Holy Innocents Catholic Church, which may grace our local radio station for the holidays.

Ike is helping to change our community from the inside out. “This community is growing. So let’s grow it into something we want it to be.” He teaches guitar lessons and leads a praise and worship band on Sundays at the Trinidad Correctional Facility. So far there are eight men rocking out together and really enjoying it.

“The guys have a tremendous amount of time on their hands.” What a great way for the inmates to spend their time productively and creatively. There is talk about a future concert at a local church for our listening pleasure in late summer. Ike also performs a lot of technical and instrumental repairs on their equipment as they are not in the best condition.

Bring your stringed instruments to his shop when they need a little TLC. Ike treats every musical instrument in his hands with the utmost respect. He effortlessly restrung a guitar during our interview and polished it up beautifully without skipping a beat in conversation.

Are you a musician in need of a professional-quality production? All of your recording desires can be accomplished here. Artist development in Trinidad is part of his vision. Let Ike help you turn your dreams into reality.

Are you interested in brushing up on your own skills? Ike offers lessons in guitar, bass, piano, drums, and even violin. If you’d like to purchase a quality guitar or other stringed instrument that’s affordable, look no further. He offers a unique selection of new and gently used instruments and equipment at an affordable price.

If you are a musician looking to get in front of an audience and have a great time, listen up. Every Friday at Las Animas Grill from 6:30-9:30pm Ike runs a pretty impressive Open Mic. Check out his website, . You can also find him on Facebook under Ike’s Music. Swing by the shop sometime soon and get to know him for yourself.

From Page 56 of our Summer 2018 Issue

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