Volunteers Wanted – Trinidad Water Festival

Press Release

A week from today – Thursday, May 17, 2018 – The Trinidad Water Festival will be held on the Trinidad State Junior College campus. Over 50 presenters will be giving interactive, educational, and fun presentations and demonstrations to kindergarten through 9th graders from 10 area schools! The campus will be filled with students, especially in the morning hours, and we’d love to ask for some volunteers.

Volunteer timing varies, (when are you available?) the Festival is from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

We Need

1. Classroom guides – many of our schools have been coming to the festival year after year and are comfortable with building locations, but each year we have new schools and teachers that are needing to navigate campus. Classroom guides
a. help the groups get to their next presentation on time.
b. listen in for anecdotal stories to share
c. take candid pictures during the presentations to share
d. fill out feedback cards if they have time

2. Presenter check in in the hospitality room – giving out presenter bags, taking presenters to their assigned locations

3. Welcome Tent– the question and answer booth – information books with school schedules, presenter schedules, presenter topics will be found at the booth.

4. Hospitality room – keeping it tidy as volunteers and presenters grab a cup of coffee, breakfast burrito, etc

5. Feedback – The Water Festival is fun and it’s great to sit in on presentations. This year we’d like to ask volunteers to enjoy the presentations, observe the student interacting, and fill out feedback surveys to help us gather quotes and stories for grant writing and for a website and to help us improve. If you have a camera to take some candid pictures to share with us that would be great!

6. End of Festival Clean up – help presenters pack up, litter check campus, take down presenter signs and flags, etc.

To Volunteer contact –
Linda Perry at linda.perry@trinidadstate.edu 609-751-2539
Marggie Ferrendelli at hubie654@yahoo.com 720-335-3616

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