What is Holistic Health, Anyways?

by Jenny Parten

The stereotypes surrounding holistic services and healthcare are rampant. I have been providing holistic services such as Acutonics (similar to acupuncture, but uses specially calibrated tuning forks instead of needles) and Shamanic Reiki since 2012. I’ve heard a little bit of everything as far as preconceived notions go. I’ve heard people say it’s new age mumbo jumbo, harmful, scary, ineffective, performed by ungrounded hippies, etc. … The list goes on and on. My response to these individuals is always the same.  Do not assume what a holistic service is or isn’t, until you have experienced it for yourself.

The word holistic simply means that it addresses the whole. The definition of the word states that it is characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Holistic approach is anything but new age. Many holistic practices are rooted in medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. Examples of holistic practices include, but are not limited to the services mentioned above, Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Massage, Mind Body Medicine (mindfulness and yoga) and Aromatherapy. I have seen peoples live changed completely after engaging in holistic care. Where there was once confusion and frustration, there is now focus and understanding.

The benefits of holistic care are immeasurable, as far as I’m concerned. It focuses on wellness, prevention and uncovering the root cause. As opposed to putting band aids on symptoms that often never fully resolves the problem. It’s not about completely forgoing traditional medicine, but finding a balance between the two places. We should be allowing holistic and western medicine to assist each other. We should not be forced to pick a side, relying only on one form of care. It’s important that we educate ourselves and take an active role in our health and wellness. I feel holistic care gives us the ability to be more involved in our current state of being. It arms us with the tools we need to be more proactive in our self-care and understand how to listen to and participate in healing our bodies.


In my experience receiving holistic treatments and seeing a holistic Dr. has been very empowering for me. It has enabled me to move past a state of anxiety and stress into a life of ease. I have fought through a couple chronic issues with my health, throughout most of my life. Finally, after all of these years, I feel I have found a winning combination. I utilize Acutonics, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, (through Hari Karan Kaur @ Infinite Potential), Ayurveda (through Jennifer Allen, here in Trinidad), Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy and my beautiful Naturopathic Doctor. Please understand that these are the modalities that work best for me. We are all different and respond better to some treatments than others. It’s all about learning what is best for you, personally. I see Doctor Ivory Raye, here in Trinidad. She is a wealth of information, incredibly caring and more thorough than any doctor I have ever been to. She looks at every aspect of my lifestyle and helps me to map out the most efficient route to my goals towards the best me possible. I asked her to contribute to this article, so that she might offer a deeper understanding to the importance of this kind of medicine.

We are blessed with many wonderful holistic providers, here in Southern Colorado. To make appointments with Jenny for Acutonics, Acutonics/Reiki combination, Shamanic Reiki, or Massage Call Ritual Room Yoga & Holistics at 719-859-2403. We are located at 114 N Commercial St. in Trinidad. If you wish to make an appointment with Dr. Ivory Raye, please call her at 719-201-5589. Located at 165 E First St. in Trinidad. For Kundalini Yoga, please visit their website at Infinitepotentialratonyoga.com. To learn more about Ayurvedic workshops with Jennifer Allen call 928-607-5647. If you need references for other healing modalities please call Ritual Room.

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